Air Duct Cleaning 

      “Out of sight, out of mind”,
A cliché often used though so very true when it comes to the air ducts used to circulate your indoor air.

Having spent a number of years cleaning air ducts for a living, I can say without hesitation that the condition of your air ducting system has more than likely existed outside the radar of your conscience awareness for as long as you have occupied the space you are now inhabiting.

Sneezing, coughing, watering eyes… Whether these symptoms are caused by airborne particulates from either the flower garden outside our windows or manufactured from the exhaust of the countless machines created to make our lives seemingly more comfortable, we find ourselves attempting to escape such by closing ourselves indoors thereby leaving all those irritants outside where they belong.
Sadly though, by closing ourselves indoors, we have often times only made matters worse as studies have shown that indoor air quality can prove to be far worse than what we were exposed to while still outside.
Our homes are forever trapping pollutants whether created from within or those brought from the outside.
As a defense against such, we clean our homes in a never ending attempt to be rid of these pollutants -- and still we suffer… Why is this?

Take a moment to look around your home and take notice of your air vents. What lies beyond that register is a system of interconnecting ductwork which can be thought of as the lungs of your indoor environment.
Your air management system circulates the air in the indoor space many times throughout each day and we pay little attention to what goes on behind those registers. We tend to dismiss this as the source of the problem as we remind ourselves that we change our air filters regularly and without fail.  Right!!! 
If you are indeed one of those few individuals who have diligently maintained a regular filter inspection and changing schedule,  then you are among the minority from my experience and I salute you. Yet, even with all that a good quality filter might be doing for us, there is more to be explored. Take a moment of your time to look beyond the filter.
Either remove a register or two yourself to inspect what may not have been collected by the filter over the years or maybe have a professional do it for you that you might have the opportunity to see for yourself what conditions the air you breathe is exposed too before you take it into your lungs. You may be surprised. Even I whom have done this many times over the years can very often be taken back by what I find which lies beyond the filter.
The pictures you see on this page, along with the video you see in the left margin, were all taken from local businesses and residences located within the Coachella valley. They are only a few of an endless number of examples of what lies beyond those air registers.

The older your home is, the more likely your duct system needs to be cleaned or even repaired as these photos clearly show. 
The older our homes get to be, the more likely they are to be subject to excessive buildup and age deterioration.  
A good rule of thumb is that if your home is older the 20 years of age, it is probably worth having your ducting system inspected for any damage in addition to a good cleaning about every 3 to 5 years.

 Yet age is not the only variable to take into consideration when deciding whether or not your air ducts need cleaning or repair. Remodeled and newly constructed homes have been subjected to a considerable amount of construction dust and debris which can settled into the ductwork.
If living in a new home or one which has recently been remodeled, you may have been wondering why there is always a layer of dust covering your tables and counter tops each and every day regardless how often you dust. One good answer is that drywall dust has been introduced into the ducting system during construction and this can take months and sometimes even years to slowly work its way through the system.

We at Duct Pros utilize what we consider to be the best system in the valley for the cleaning of air ducts. Add to this a professional pride in the work we do along with an always present wish to provide the best service possible to our clients and we feel we have all it takes to get the job done right..

                                 OUR PROCESS

*All air registers are removed cleaned and inspected for proper operation. Any defaults , when discovered, are brought to the attention of the client at that time.

*Air boots and return boxes are cleaned of any debris and inspected for possible mold situations.

*Air ducts are then cleaned by mechanically agitating debris within the air ducts and drawing it out utilizing negative pressure where it is collected by a high volume vacuum.

*Where accessible, all return and supply plenum's and ducts are inspected and cleaned including in and around the fan motor.

* Before, during and/or after cleaning -- air ducts are inspected for overall condition and efficiency. Any minor repairs caused by faulty installation and/or age deterioration can be made on the spot. Major flaws within the ductwork will be brought to the owners attention for further evaluation.

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